Hi guys!

What do you think about your own future?

I know some of you may wanna be a doctor, lawyer, police, and many more. But, don’t you ever think how to bring them to reality? This problem has been came to my life and still spinning around my head. I am so confused to decide my own direction.

I found my passion on math lesson. I like math very much. I like physics a lil bit and chem too. But I still don’t know which direction I must choose. Some prodi (Program Studi) that support my skill are FMIPA Matematika (Mathematics), Statistika (Statistics), Akuntansi (Accounting), and I spied IE (Industrial Engineering) sometimes. But I’m really tired to think straight. I ever want to be a teacher, despite I’m not interested enough with that anymore. I like counting activity and calculate something. Till now, I have no reason to choose. In Industrial Engineering, I have some weaknesses. There are leadership, creativity, and curiosity of challenge. I’m too weak. Those of my weaknesses are important part of Industrial Engineering. And I just have my passion on math. I know it is not enough, tbh.

You might think that I should choose Statistika or Akuntansi. I don’t mind with Statistika tbh, but Akuntansi is for Social Program only. And if I choose Akuntansi, I have to fight with other fighters from Social Program which is more powerful than me as student from Science Program.

and if we talk about PTN, I choose UGM necessarily. Why? Because I lived in Yogyakarta and it will be better not to leave my lavly home. It is more efficient btw.

Ok that’s all my story this day. Hope u all enjoy it! 😉

Yogyakarta, March 2nd 2016 17:16



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