Assalamu’alaikum! Hi! I’m back! Good bye Balikpapan and hello Yogyakarta! Yea I got in about one month holiday to spend.

So over these days, I’ve been trying to waste my valuable holidays with……. HAVING SOME TRIP! 🙌 don’t ask how happy I am. UAS made me very depressed and I really don’t care ’bout anything because all I need is only vacation.

Actually, my parents and I did not have any plan to have some trip before. So this trip was really unpredictable.

We accidentally decided to go to Kalibiru and Hutan Mangrove in one day. I’ve been wondering how tired I am that day.

Well, this is some pics we took at Kalibiru

That’s Waduk Sermo, you can see this view from this spot

So the next destination is


These are pics that we took at there

We also took some pics at Kadilangu Beach, not far from mangrove forest

But we couldn’t stay there for a long time, because the wind was unfriendly. Due to bad weather we had to go back home.

Well that’s it and thank you for reading.



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